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virtual trading app Welcome to Omars Kicks! We are the #1 online retailers for all nike shoes including nike air force ones, jordan shoes, nike dunks, nike shox, nike air max, puma shoes and more. We also have Prada shoes, Diesel shoes, Timberland boots, custom Timberlands, Bathings Apes, Bape Sta shoes, Reebok shoes and more! Please take the full tour of this site and discover all that Omars Kicks has to offer. We are dedicated to bringing you all the latest kicks in the hardest to find colors while also providing top notch support!

Our support team can be reached by clicking here or alternatively you can send us an email direct to We look forward to hearing from you and delivering to you a pair of kicks that will make you the center of envy amongst all your friends! We also ask you to remember that our online catalog does not always reflect all that is available. Updates
We just added some new Penny Hardaway Shoes and some new Carmelo Shoes to the website! Make sure you check them out, cause they're really hot. We're also going to be adding a lot more Jordan Shoes and Nike Air Force Ones! So make sure you got book marked and keep checking back for all the hottest kicks!
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Featured Kicks
Patent Red Seamless Air Force Ones
Patent Red Seamless Air Force Ones
Superman Air Force Ones
Superman Air Force Ones
Air Force Ones Jay Z The Black Album
Air Force Ones Jay Z The Black Album
Jordan Shoes V 5 503
Jordan Shoes V 5 503
Nike Air Force One Low 38
Nike Air Force One Low 38
Jordan Shoes I 1 101
Jordan Shoes I 1 101

Nike Shoes

best free virtual trading app carries a wide range of Nike Shoes, below is some more information and in depth links to our shoes catalog and products.

Jordan Shoes

Our Jordan Shoes category features a wide variety of jordans from the first Air Jordan 1s, to the latest Jordan Dub Zeros. Ever since Nike released their first Air Jordans, these shoes have become some of the most sought after sneakers on the market. Still, 20 years later people still line up in stores for the latest pair. Well, here at you no longer have to pay ridiculous prices and wait in line for hours. You can pick up a pair of air jordan shoes from the comfort of your own home at an affordable price. You also don't have to go hunting for those special colors you want, we carry a wide selection of all jordan shoes with many different color variations, often times, we carry every single retro color released!

Air Force Ones

Nike Air Force Ones are one of, if not the most popular sneaker ever made. Nike air force ones were originally released in just low and high tops in the 1980's, and they featured a removalable strap. Since then Nike has also released the Nike Air Force One Mids which feature a perminent strap. The air force one shoes come in many different styles and variations, including several tribute shoes like the LeBron James 23 Air Force Ones, Chi Town Air Force Ones, Bronx Air Force Ones, Los Angeles (LA) Air Force Ones and many others.

Nike Shox & Air Max

Over the years Nike have released more mega selling sneakers the any other company. The Jordan Shoes and the Air Force Ones are just two examples of a huge range of ahtletic shoes that Nike has realesed over the years. Nike has also released the Air Max line, both Air Max 95 and Air Max 97 were huge successes in the world of training shoes. Nike also has the Nike Shox line of shoes, which is the current best selling cross trainers on the market. Both the Nike Shox NZ and the Nike Shox TL feature very sleek design and maximum performance boost due to the extensive work Nike engineer put into designing a shoe to help runners achieve their best results.

Basketball Shoes

Our Basketball Shoes are some of the top names in the NBA today. Ever since Michael Jordan made Jordan Shoes so popular, it has been common practice for most NBA superstars to receive their own shoe deal. Here at we carry Carmelo Jordans, Lebron James Shoes, Kobe Huarache, Penny Hardaway Shoes and Nike Vince carter Shox

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